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Why Final Tribute

The importance of a memorial keepsake

A funeral program has become customary at funeral services. It provides information about the order or the events to follow for those who are attending the service. But this piece of paper does not only deliver pertinent information. It becomes a keepsake that family and friends will take home and really treasure. When you’re already dealing with a loss of a loved one, planning a funeral service may cause you much sorrow and confusion. Let us at Final Tribute help you create an endearing memorial keepsake to lessen the burden and the pain that you are going through.

Why Final Tribute?

You don't need to be a computer expert or even hire a graphic designer to create a cherished remembrance. We provide high quality and preformatted in predesigned templates featuring a large variety of themes that can be used for traditional or contemporary funeral services. All of our layouts come in full color for a complete but heartwarming presentation to summarize and highlight a loved one’s life. Our easily editable templates work on most computers and require only Microsoft Word, not any special graphic software so instead of being frustrated with the formatting, you can simply concentrate on the content. This will make it easy for you to create beautiful booklets that everyone will cherish even years after the service.

Make it heartwarming and memorable

We at Final Tribute are committed to provide you with inspirationally designed memorial booklets. Once you are able to choose a preferred design, all you need to do is purchase it online and download the file straight to your computer so you can customize it immediately and have them ready for printing in just minutes. You can add a personalized text and even feature their favorite hymns, songs or poetry. It even has picture pockets which will allow you to place their own photograph on the design or artwork.

Touch hearts and show your undying love

This printed document not only serves as guidance for the flow of the program. It also gives a brief synopsis of the life of a loved one and we’re sure that you’d want it to be truly memorable for those who are going to receive it. Our exclusive collection of premium funeral programs templates come in several styles that will not only convey the exact message at the memorial service but will also capture the hearts of the guests. The memorial your loved one deserves

With the grief of losing a loved one comes the pain and distress of planning a memorial service but you don’t have to journey in this alone because we're here to help. Honor your loved one by creating a lasting keepsake from Final Tribute – your trusted resource for high quality and print ready funeral programs.

Why Final Tribute?

Using our templates simplify the process of creating a heartwarming funeral program that honors a departed loved one.
All you have to do is select a design, download the file and customize.
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